WordPress: Satan’s Handywork

Just a little update. I’ve been working on integrating WordPress into the website for nearly 24 hours now. I am exhausted. Never again. I still have a bit of tweaking to do on the Comments’ page CSS, but I’ll save that for another day as I have work tomorrow and should sleep.

I knew it was going to be difficult but not this difficult. I already have a bit of trouble with coding so I don’t know what I was thinking! On the bright side, everything is more organized now so I can’t really complain.

In other news, I’ve been feeling really dizzy these past few days. It’s awful. It’s a strange sensation where even the smallest movements create a whirlwind. I’ve also been hearing strange noises when I start to feel dizzy. Like paper falling off a table. Spoooooky. I hope it’s nothing too serious.

Anywho, gotta make those backup files!!!


I Have Done Nothing Productive and I’m Okay With That

A few weeks ago, I bought this game called Stardew Valley, and it changed my life forever. My boyfriend suggested that I buy it. I didn’t expect to get hooked so quickly! It’s essentially a farming game where you plant crops, take care of animals, and socialize with the townsfolk day to day. When I first started, I thought it was really cute. I was just taking it easy before realizing I went through the entire Spring and Summer seasons in just 3 days. That’s when I knew there was a problem. Well, it wasn’t really a problem since I was having fun so I didn’t really do anything about it.

Here I am holding an omelette

And here I am again at my farm #goatbutt

I’m very happy with this game and it was worth every penny! Currently, I am trying to get one of the villagers to fall in love with me by giving them omelettes and mayonnaise twice a week. What a game.

Speaking of life-changing endeavours, I have recently bought a new pair of sneakers. What’s special about these shoes is that I bought them in the children’s section. My feet are quite small and narrow so it is difficult to find shoes that fit me right and won’t give me blisters. My feet are a women’s US size 5, but I found out that I am a youth US 4Y too! Truly amazing. They’re half the price of a regular pair of women’s sneakers so my wallet and I are very happy.
As I told my best friend: I will never buy adult shoes ever again. New life motto.

In other news, I haven’t been working on the drawing that I’ve talked about in my last post. HOWEVER, I bought a new sketchbook. I know I still have 4 more sketchbooks to fill up but I couldn’t help myself. This one is travel sized and has a soft and supple leather-like cover, AND has tan pages! TAN PAGES. Need I say more? I drew a cat on the first page.

Speaking of cats (my segue game is going strong), I was walking around some neighbourhood with my boyfriend and we spotted a cute little kitty! It brushed itself against my leg and started doing cat things on the grass. Absolutely adorable.

There it is!

I also met two other cats at my boyfriend’s brother’s friend’s house. They looked so cute and healthy! Their fur was full of luster, and they were full of life! Meanwhile, my cat, Lucky, is a fat old cat who’s getting bald. He’s the best though; gotta love him


Art Block

Oh me, oh my. I really do need to practice more, but as soon as I do I get frustrated because the thing is not looking like it’s supposed to (at least what I want it to). Maybe I just need to separate myself from this for a bit? Just stay as faaaaaar away from drawing as I possibly can then come back and hope for a miracle.

No, that’s a bad idea.

Anywhooo, I know I haven’t written anything in a while (I’m starting to think I have this thing where I only post once a year) BUT I have legitimate excuses… not really… maybe…

Here’s what I think:
1) I got super stressed out because it was my first year back in University after three years of not attending
2) I wasn’t doing what I wanted to so I had to change majors which stressed me out even more
3) This is going to be a long list by the way
4) I took a drawing class which also freaked me out because I haven’t practiced in so long that I couldn’t even draw an artistic potato
5) I took this other class with an auditorium full of students which brought my anxiety levels through the roof!
6) My mood goes uppidity up-up then comes crashing down like a flaming meteor headed for the earth’s core; meaning I had no motivation to do anything.
7) I don’t drink enough water.

With all this in mind, I had to step away from this blog because I was juggling too many emotions at once. In retrospect, it was probably not the best way to do things because I could’ve written out all my problems which could’ve been very therapeutic. Besides, the fact that I left this blog to collect dust stressed me out too.

I ended up doing really well in my classes aOH MY DEAR SWEET POTATO PIE I JUST GOT AN IDEA FOR A DRAWING

Picture this: cats in chain mail.

Superb! I’ll get on that. Until next time!